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The YAESU-Museum was founded in Spring, 2002 by DK3HV  to serve as a meeting point for amateurs interested in the great "YAESU" gear produced in the  past.

A large segment of this equipment has rightfully become "classic". This old YAESU gear looks great and is fun to operate  too! It is easy to work on, and all the common issues are well-known.

The  purpose if this site is to provide a place where enthusiasts can come to get and  share information about this gear.  Please don't forget that this is a hobby, so be patient. Collecting the material,  working on the graphics, and writing the HTML takes time. If you would like to help, please feel free to contact me. If you search for technical details please click to RigPix

I hope you enjoy the site  as it progresses along, and am always open to your ideas and suggestions!

73, Hanno, DK3HV